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Anyone who owns a rear projection TV, will eventually experience DLP or LCD Lamp failure. No fancy DLP troubleshooting,  typically the brightness of your bulb will decrease and the appearance of the picture will dim. You won't have to replace the unit when you notice the dimming. Some people wait until the picture on the TV completely goes off.  What ever your needs, we have your solution for DLP Lamp Replacement.

The cost of the bulb often depends on the make and model of the TV and is further affected by the complexity of the piece.  For instance, a DLP lamp with full enclosure, like the TY-LA1001, is more expensive than DLP bulb with no enclosure.  The biggest difference there will be the ease with which you can install the new unit.  After you have experienced DLP bulb failure you can choose between the DLP bulb only or the DLP bulb with assembly.  The full DLP assembly is quicker to exchange.  Either way the DLP Lamp life will be the same, it is just a matter of initial convenience.