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DLP troubleshooting for DLP TV Lamp Replacement

Q: How fast will my DLP TV Lamp order ship?
A: We ship all orders via UPS the same business day as received Monday-Friday up to 3:00 PM central time.  You can expect delivery usually within 1-4 business days. International orders ship via USPS Priority mail. For questions on orders just call DLP Lamps at 1-888-307-8800 and we can provide you with pertinent shipping information. Please note: there are no shipments or deliveries on weekends or holidays. Please call us with any questions: 1-888-307-8800.

Q: What is Your Return Policy?
A: All Returns/Refunds/Exchanges need to be initiated by the buyer within 30 days of the purchase date. Read our full Return Policy here.

Q: I would like to purchase the Lamp/Bulb only, is it easy to replace? How much DLP troubleshooting should I do?

A: Yes, our lamp only option comes complete with easy to follow instructions. Gloves are supplied, a screwdriver and wire cutters are the only tools required. For additional DLP TV Lamp Replacement advice call us and we can answer all your DLP troubleshooting questions.

Q: What Precautions can I take to make my lamp last longer? rear projection tv lamp life extenders?

A: There are a number of ways that you can extend the life of your lamps. First of all use a high quality surge protector. Variations in voltage can shorten the life of your lamp. Also, avoid excessive use of the power button. When you turn off your TV let it cool down for at least 30 minutes before turning it on again. Heat is the number one cause of reduced lamp life. Turning it off and on will cause the lamp to overheat and reduce it's life. If possible using a UPS power supply connected to your TV will avoid any power interruptions. A power failure would cause the TV to not cool down properly.

Q: How long will my new DLP bulb last? What is the expected DLP lamp life for my new bulb?
A: Our DLP and Lamps are rated to last 6000 hours and we guarantee the life of your DLP bulb or LCD lamp for a full six months. 

Q: What happens if I experience DLP lamp failure under warranty?

A: If you purchased ] from DLP Lamps . com, simply call us for a warranty replacement. 1-888-307-8800. If your lamp is out of warranty, place your order online. 

Q: The DLP or LCD lamp says TOP on it, but if I put it in with the Top up it won't fit, what do I do?
A: TOP is the logo of the company that makes the reflector, it is not the top of the lamp.

Q: I have installed my DLP lamp and it does not come on. What can I try next?
A: Be sure that the connections to the lamp are secure. Next be sure the lamp housing has been repositioned in the opening exactly as it came out.(The plug on the housing needs to mate with the lamp ballast plug so  it has to be installed with care.) Also be sure that ALL LCD Lamp covers are securely in place as there are numerous sensors in your TV that will not allow operation if a cover is left off or not securely in place.

Q: I have my DLP bulb installed and the picture is dim. Did I do something wrong?
A: There are a couple of reasons involving the lamp that could cause the dim picture. First be sure the lamp is positioned in the housing exactly as your original. If the lamp is positioned away from the faceplate or in the housing at an angle it can affect the brightness level. (NOTE: some housings, notably Hitachi Lamp brand, may have a spacer in the faceplate that needs to be removed to properly install your lamp) There is also a chance that you ordered the wrong lamp. The type of reflector shape of the lamp is very important and can affect the brightness, causing a very dim picture. Call us and we can be sure you got the right lamp.

Q: I think the DLP bulb you sent me is defective, what do I do now?
A: Odds are that the DLP lamp you received is perfectly fine. The failure rate for these lamps, from our experience, has been on the order of 1 in 500. The DLP Bulbs are test fired at the factory, and tested to match certain chromatic output.
More than 90% of the time (if the lamp replacement fails) the ballast has failed. This is the driving assembly for the lamp. This unit, in addition to powering the lamp, also sends back information to the sets main processing system. On occasion this information can lead the system to indicate that the lamp has failed when in fact it has not. The ballast is pretty simple to replace. The difficulty is in getting to the assembly.

This ballast assembly takes roughly 400 volts to run. If the ballast assembly checks OK, then there is a possibility of a failure in the power supply to the ballast. Many times there are capacitors that fail in the power supply. This repair involves soldering, and unless you have experience in this type of work, we recommend you have a qualified service technician make the repair.

Q: I have tried the things you have listed but I still think my new lamp is defective. How can I get another lamp to try?
A: If you feel you have a bad lamp, and would like to try another, send the lamp back with a copy of the invoice, and we will send you another lamp. If you wish to get a second lamp sooner, give us a call at 1-800-331-7617 (have your invoice number from the yellow page) and we can bill you for a second lamp. Upon returning the first lamp, we will refund the cost of the lamp to the original payment method. It is a good idea that you use a carrier that will offer a way to track the package.

Q: The threaded post on the lamp is broken. Is there warranty coverage on this?
A: No, the lamps are inspected before shipping and were intact. If it was broken out of the box you will need to initiate a UPS inspection as it may have been damaged in shipping. Save all of the boxe s it came in as UPS will need to inspect them. You can call UPS to start a claim or call us and we will initiate the claim. If your lamp broke as you were trying to install it, too much pressure was put on the post and it is not a warranty item. Yo u must use extreme caution when handling the post of the DLP lamp as it is th e most fragile part of your new lamp. If you don't think you can safely install your new lamp in the housing, please send it to us for a free installation. A shipping charge is small compared to lamp breakage that we cannot cover under warranty.