LCD Lamps

RCA 270414

RCA 270414 Lamp Only
Assembly Required

RCA 270414Complete Assembly
New Lamp & New Housing

Plan Ahead. Save up to 50%
New Lamp & New Housing
Plus 2 Year Bulb
Replacement Guarantee

Our RCA 270414 lamps are made by Philips, the number one original manufacturer of DLP and LCD lamps in the world. They also carry a 6 month, no hassles warranty. If for any reason your RCA 270414 bulb burns out, we will replace it at no charge.

This Lamp is used in the following models:
"50V720, HD50LPW166YX12PK, HD50LPW167YX12, HD50LPW62BYX12PK, HD50LPW69YX12, M50WH72SYX11, M50WH72SYX12, HD50LPW175YX12, HD61LPW175YX12, HD44LPW62YX12, M50WH185YX1, M50WH185YX2, M50WH187YX1, M50WH73YX1, M50WH74SYX1 ATC351M50WH74SYX2, M50WH74SYX2, ATC351M50WH74YX1, M50WH74YX1, ATC351M61WH185YX1, M61WH185YX1, ATC351M61WH74SYX1, M61WH74SYX1, ATC351M61WH74YX1, M61WH74YX1, ATC352M50WH72SYX1, M50WH72SYX1, ATC352M50WH72SYX2, M50WH72SYX2